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  1. Gerry Cramer

  2. Posted


  1. Sung Man Pak

    Hello. I just purchased Profitengine and I would like my login details. Can anyone help me with this? The details are not in my receipt order I got in my email. 

  2. Jim van Putten

    I would like to team up with members living in Europe, anyone interested? 

  3. Info

    Rob mentions a step by step in a couple of videos, but I cannot find it in any of the training.  Is there some sort of checklist and picture references somewhere?

  4. Lois Chowen

    I am still trying to find detailed information about Facebook ads.  I am running a "trial" ad in the hope that it will help me get a better understanding.  Not happening.  Current report says I have reached 184 people.  32 "post engagement".  Total spend = $2.89.  Photo click = 2. link click = 3. comment = 1.  share = 1.  What does "post engagement" mean and how did they arrive at the total spend of $2.89?

  5. Berik Nord

    To Trish Ash

    Hi Trish! 

    How did you get thru with your FB page? I'm having the same hiccups and did a post with a photo of one of my offers and then ordered a (my) website promotion

    It was approved and in progress now. My move is mainly to get some spending ($15-20) for the sake of opening an additional ad accounts, so much needed.  Hopefully I get additional ad accounts to start rolling. Will post my outcome.

    Would love to have your input.

    Best, Berik

  6. Omer Charest

    Hi. How can I send in my ad to have someone look at it and tell me what I still need to do before I try putting it on FB?

  7. Trish Ash

    Hi. I have followed the procedure in training 4, and added a page to get things going, it was not approved and they shut down my account saying unusual activity, had to wait nearly a week for them to activate it, tried again, not approved, shut down again, got this opened quick, so I just did a post share and it shut down again, now they say they can't open it now. what a mind field facebook is, any suggestions would help.

  8. Steven Dip

    I message Fivver and it seems the designers already knows what I'm talking about when I tell them what I want for my illustration, they are already doing the same project!

  9. Sean Carty

    Hi Gerry, when will week 3’s recording be posted?  Lost internet 1 hour in last night.

  10. Bruno Abrantes

    Hi Gerry, when will start next course? Regards